Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Women-Specific Sleeping Bags?

Of course we all want to be comfy as possible when we fall asleep under the stars but did you know that men and women sleep better in sleeping bags designed for their body type?  While the average man is 6 feet tall, the average woman is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. Our body proportions and metabolic rates are also different. Women's bags are sized smaller so that we don't have to carry additional weight and heat up more air space than necessary. Women's sleeping bags also are designed with narrower shoulders, wider hips, and increased insulation in the torso and foot box.


Sierra Designs developed the first women-specific sleeping bags in 1995 (the Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley). Over the years sleeping bag designers have figured out that they're on to something and are figuring out even better ways to design bags for women. Total MissFIT is pleased to be able to offer a complete selection of women-specific sleeping bags! We've tried a few out that we're very happy with. What features are you looking for in a good bag?

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